Home Remedies to Maintain Healthy White Teeth

At times, it may not be easy to notice when your teeth begin to change colour. Naturally, the process can be subtle and takes place in a gradual sequence. Before you notice, your teeth will have taken a totally different colour. Do not blame yourself for ignorance when such encounters happen. However, there are common remedies at home that can help you control colour change and maintain your teeth in a healthy state. Have a look at some.

Regularly Brush Your Teeth

Even a small child understands that teeth must be brushed on daily basis. However, as simple as it sounds, never underestimate the value of a brush and toothpaste in maintaining white and healthy teeth. 

Do not brush your teeth immediately after taking acidic drinks and meals. Basically, they can mix up with the paste to form a chemical component that reacts with your teeth to come up with weird colours or even cause corrosion. This explains why even after brushing teeth on a regular basis, some people would still have challenges with discolouration. 

Paste alone is not an option when brushing your teeth. Also, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda have the best whitening properties in maintaining white teeth. Chemically, the two products are known as bleaching agents, and with white teeth, they can do well in rubbing off stains on the surface of your enamel. 

Consume Fruits and Vegetables 

In nutrition, fruits and vegetables are known as protective foods because they enhance your immune system. Luckily, if consumed in the right quantities, they can also promote the health of your teeth and maintain them sparkling white. 

Raw fruits and crunchy vegetables are a perfect option for your teeth. Besides their nutritive value, they help rub away the layer of plaque on your enamel as you chew. However, you should never consider this as a substitute for brushing your teeth daily. Other fruits that can help maintain white teeth include pineapples and strawberries. 

Rub Your Enamel Using Lemon, Banana, or Orange Peels 

It seems abnormal to have to rub your teeth with fruit peels of lemon, banana, and orange. However, it does more than good in maintaining white and appealing teeth. Realistically, there is no evidence to support this kind of research. But giving it a shot is never a bad thing if having the best teeth is all you've event wanted. 

Execute this trick by taking the peels and gently rubbing them on your teeth for a minute or so. When done, brush your teeth and wash thoroughly.   

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