3 Useful Tools for Cleaning a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges restore smiles for a huge number of people, allowing them to show off a gap-free smile. The downside of a dental bridge is that it can be tricky to clean around this kind of dental prosthetic. If you struggle to keep your dental bridge clean, the following three tools could help you out.

1. Floss Threaders

Using string floss around a dental bridge is often not possible due to its shape and size. However, you can still get all the benefits of using string floss by utilising a floss threader. This clever tool allows you to use string floss to clean parts of a dental bridge that you would not otherwise be able to reach.

As a floss threading tool is reusable, it is an extremely affordable option. The only ongoing cost you would face using a floss threader is the cost of buying new floss, which is typically inexpensive.

2. Interdental Brushes

Some older people struggle to use floss threaders due to a lack of mobility in their hands. For these people, interdental brushes might provide an easier alternative. Interdental brushes are tiny plastic brushes that are designed to slip into the gaps between teeth to clean them. They work brilliantly for cleaning both natural teeth and dental bridges.

Interdental brushes are available in many different sizes. Many people find it easiest to start with thinner brushes and work their way up to using larger ones if necessary. You can use the same brush to clean every tooth in your mouth, but it is important to remember to rinse the brush between teeth, so you do not spread bacteria from one part of the mouth to another.

3. Water Flossing Devices

A water flosser is the modern solution to the problem of cleaning around dental bridges and other dental prosthetics, such as crowns and implants. This electrically powered device drives a powerful stream of water into the tiny gaps between teeth and bridges to flush out any plaque that has accumulated there.

Water flossing devices are very easy to use, even for elderly people who have limited function in their fingers and hands. The only downside of this kind of tool is that their upfront cost can be quite high. However, they typically last many years and provide an excellent level of cleaning. As with an electric toothbrush, it is essential to remember to recharge a water flosser after you use it.

For more information about bridges, talk to your dentist.

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