What's the Best Way of Whitening Your Teeth?

Many people report that they feel much more confident if their teeth are whiter in appearance. Stained and discoloured teeth, on the other hand, tend to make people feel less comfortable with themselves, especially when they are smiling. In some cases, teeth will have a less white appearance than you would like following an oral infection, but sometimes, your teeth might look yellowish for perfectly natural reasons. Whatever the reason for doing so, if you would like to improve the appearance of your smile, what are the best teeth whitening methods to opt for?

Whitening Toothpaste

To improve the appearance of your teeth, one of the first things you can do is to switch to a tooth whitening toothpaste. This means that any minor staining that has occurred during the course of the day should be dealt with. Drinking red wine, coffee or fruit juice can take its toll on teeth, so brushing with teeth whitening toothpaste is a good countermeasure. That said, if you have naturally yellow or dull teeth, then teeth whitening with just a toothpaste is not likely to help a great deal. Instead, you will need to look at bleaching products.

Bleaching Teeth

Bleaching your teeth is a much more effective approach than just using a whitening toothpaste. For the most effective teeth whitening process, you should visit your dentist. If you use the teeth whitening kits that are available from pharmacies, then the results can end up being very patchy. For example, dentists are able to target the teeth that need bleaching agents the most and can consequently produce better results with just one or two bleaching sessions. The results will be more even and professional. Conversely, home-based kits tend to need repeating every couple of months because the agents that are used to whiten your teeth are not as strong.

Dental Veneers

Another effective teeth whitening option that your dentist may offer is dental veneers. These are simple prosthetics which are glued onto your natural teeth. Because they can be made in any colour you like, you can opt for ones which are brilliantly white. Dental veneers last a long time and do not interfere with your usual biting and chewing. You simply need to maintain them with the usual brushing routine to keep them in sparkling condition. In addition, dental veneers will cover up any other imperfections your teeth have such as chips or gaps.

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