Understanding the hype around Biolase teeth whitening

White teeth and a bright smile have become desirable qualities in today's world. However, tooth whitening is a relatively slow process that requires follow-up treatments if you wish to maintain a bright smile. DIY whitening kits also have mixed results, with some working faster than others. The Biolase dental laser is an effective solution for patients who are looking to whiten their teeth.

Thanks to technology, this laser uses water and energy to remove stains on the enamel and restore a natural, white glow. But the working mechanism behind Biolase can be confusing to understand. Exactly how does water and laser energy come together to remove stains from your teeth? And is this option as safe and effective as they say it is?

Read on to sharpen your understanding of Biolase teeth whitening and why you shouldn't hesitate to consider it.

A natural, safe approach

What makes the Biolase treatment unique is that it uses a natural approach to whiten your teeth. As opposed to many other tooth whitening products in the market, Biolase only uses water, air and laser energy to excite water molecules inside your teeth. These excited molecules remove stains while keeping your enamel healthy. The process is quick, safe and convenient regardless of how stained your teeth are.

Compare this option to traditional tooth whitening products that rely on hydrogen peroxide to get the job done. Many options in the market contain chemicals and ingredients that could potentially harm your teeth or gums. On the other hand, the Biolase dental laser uses minimal ingredients to achieve better results faster.

Quick treatment with fast results

In today's busy world, patients may not have time to visit the dentist for regular teeth whitening. This often results in missed appointments and the accumulation of stains over time. Those who don't regularly brush and floss are also at risk of developing cavities or infected gums.

The Biolase dental laser makes things much easier for you. Rather than constant trips to the dentist, you can condense multiple appointments into one visit while enjoying the same results. Along with proper dental hygiene, you'll enjoy whiter teeth for longer.  

Minimal discomfort

While teeth whitening isn't known to be a painful process, many people experience numbness and additional sensitivity after undergoing traditional in-office whitening. The Biolase dental laser is minimally invasive, and you can expect to experience no discomfort during treatment.

If your teeth are heavily stained, this is an excellent option to consider. The water and laser energy will cut through heavy stains and restore a natural white glow.   

To learn more about various teeth whitening options, contact a cosmetic dentistry clinic near you.

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