Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Dentures After Repairs

Although custom dentures play an essential role in restoring your smile if you have missing teeth, they can easily get ruined when they are mishandled or cleaned incorrectly. Some of the reasons why people end up seeking denture repairs include cleaning dentures with regular toothpaste, sleeping with dentures in, dropping dentures, failing to visit the dentist regularly and so on.

Knowing how to take care of dentures even after they have been fixed can limit the frequency of repairing them. Some denture repairs may be unavoidable, but there are certain things you can do to increase the longevity of your dentures. Below are useful tips you can consider, particularly if you have received denture repair services recently.

Clean the dentures daily

Keeping your dentures clean will certainly increase their longevity and improve your oral health. Dentures need to be brushed every other day to get rid of food remnants and plaque. This measure will prevent the formation of permanent stains. But before you start cleaning your dentures, it's important to get the right supplies.

First, you'll require a soft-bristled brush for this task since hard-bristle brushes can damage the dentures easily. Use the brush to clean all the surfaces carefully, without damaging the attachments. You may also use liquid dishwashing or hand soap to clean the dentures instead of toothpaste and rinse the dentures carefully. Rinsing should also be done after each meal to eliminate dislodged food and bacteria.

Keep your mouth clean

Your overall oral health is important if you are using dentures. As such, it's important to practice good oral hygiene. Make sure you brush you teeth twice a day and do not forget to clean the tongue, cheeks and gums. Don't forget to use antibacterial mouthwash after brushing your teeth. This keeps both your mouth and dentures bacteria-free.

Soak dentures overnight

A simple practice of keeping dentures moist overnight can help retain their shape, increasing their longevity. Experts recommend that you soak dentures in a mild denture-soaking solution or water overnight. Your dentist should offer clear guidelines on how to do this.

See your dentist regularly

Your dentist will schedule regular meetings with you, so be sure to show up. This gives your dentist the chance to determine if your dentures fit properly and also to clean them professionally. Your entire dental system will be examined as well to make sure it's healthy. Also, consider using this opportunity to get quick tips on denture care — the more informed you are, the better.

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