Is It Possible for Your New Dentures to Be Too Big?

It's possible to make a miscalculation when you go shopping and end up with an item of clothing that's too big for you. It's a simple mistake, and one that is easily remedied by exchanging the item in question. But your new dentures are not clothing or an accessory, and you can't comfortably wear them if they're too big for your mouth. How would you even know if this was the case?

Registration Blocks to Determine Size and Position

One of the preliminary steps of receiving a new set of dentures is the use of specially fabricated registration blocks. These are made of wax and are placed in your mouth to determine the placement of the prosthetic teeth that will be attached to the denture tray, along with the height and width of these teeth. The prosthetic teeth are then constructed and attached to the denture base. Occasionally, the dentures might settle on the gums in a manner that means the height of your prosthetic teeth was incorrect.

Adjusting to Functional Teeth

Your newly constructed dentures will feel a little curious at first as you adjust to the sensation of having a full set of functional teeth again, along with the actual mass of the dentures. This adjustment period should be fairly brief and can be managed by eating soft foods at first, along with precisely following your dentist's instructions pertaining to caring for the dentures. But what about when this adjustment period seemingly goes on for weeks or even months?

Signs Your Dentures Might Be Too Big

Some of the signs that your dentures might be too big can include your gums becoming irritated, sore and swollen. The tendons in your jaw might also feel strained, and the mass of the dentures (namely the vertical dimensions of the prosthetic teeth) can simply feel too great. Although it's likely to be an issue with your gums losing a minute amount of size once the dentures were fitted, it can be an uncomfortable issue, and one that requires a solution.

Have Your Dentures Assessed and Adjusted

Please see your dentist if you suspect that your dentures haven't settled as expected and that you believe that they're too big. A complete assessment will be needed, even though the solution can be as straightforward as a minor reduction of the height of the prosthetic teeth, decreasing their vertical dimension.

Some adjustment is perfectly natural with a new set of dentures, but when this adjustment period feels like the new normal, it can be a sign that your dentures are too big. Contact a dentist to learn more about dentures.

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