The way you care for your teeth matters

One thing that most dentists would like to tell you is that taking care of your teeth matters much more than you probably think it does. It can be easy to reduce dental care to an occasional visit to your local dentist, but the truth is that ensuring that your teeth remain in great shape is something that you need to be concerned with throughout the whole year, not just when you go for a check-up.

Talk to your dentist

General dentistry involves every part of caring for your teeth. Not only is a dentist the person to see if you need a filling or to repair your broken teeth, but they can also be a valuable source of advice. If you want to know how you can better care for your teeth, then your local dentist will be happy to help you. If you have a particular problem that is causing you concern, then they will be able to help you, but they will also be able to assist if you simply have questions about the right brushing technique or how frequently you need to floss.

Establishing a dental care regime

You might look in the mirror and think that your teeth are clean, but there is often a lot more going on in your mouth than you might realise. When you visit the surgery for general dentistry, you can ask the dentist about setting up a regular dental care regime. The dentist will be able to explain the problems that plaque can cause and how it is covering your teeth even when they feel clean. Plaque that is not removed as a part of regular brushing can turn into tartar, and then your dentist will be the only one that can remove it. If you don't bother with general dentistry, then you could find that you lose teeth as the plaque can attack the gums, causing them to no longer support your teeth as they should. Your dentist will be able to guide you as you learn not just how often you should brush your teeth but also how hard you should brush as well.

While general dentistry can help to keep your teeth in good condition and fix serious problems, it is only consistent care throughout the year that will prevent deterioration of your teeth and gums. Ask your dentist today about what you need to be doing to protect your oral health.

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