Why It Is Important To Get New Dentures As You Get Older

Dentures are fantastic tools that allow thousands of Australians to keep a high quality of life well into their old age. It is easy to underestimate just how important your teeth are when it comes to enjoying everyday life, but, rest assured, it is extremely uncomfortable to lose or have bad quality teeth. However, dentures are only useful when they fit properly, and that requires specific moulding to your individual mouth. What many people don't realise is that this will change over time, and if you don't get new dentures every few years, you are putting yourself at risk for some very nasty problems. 

What Happens When You Keep Dentures For Too Long?

Over time your gums and jaw structure changes. Sometimes this is significant, and sometimes it is very gradual and happens over many decades. The older you get the more your gums will recede and the shape of your jaw will change. That is only natural and nothing to be worried about. What you should be careful about is your dentures during this process. When gums and jaw structure change, it means your dentures no longer fit correctly. This will lead to sore gums, food stuck in your dentures and a general uncomfortable feeling whenever wearing them. 

That Doesn't Sound Very Serious

While there won't be any sharp pains or extreme discomfort when wearing ill-fitting dentures, the problem will gradually build up and could lead to even more serious consequences. After your gums get sore, they can form abscesses and begin to bleed. If you contract any gum disease or any bacteria comes into contact with these abscesses, they can infect the bone and even the blood, leading to sepsis. Again, this does not happen overnight, but if you wear poorly fitting dentures for many months or years in a row, this is a serious risk.

How Do I Know When To Change My Dentures?

The best way to stay on top of your dental problems is by visiting the experts: dentists. Some older users of dentures assume that once they have their dentures, they are set for life and require no further treatment or appointments. This is certainly not the case, and you very much still need to get your dentures checked out every once in a while; you could also have many other dental issues. Oral hygiene does not begin and end with your teeth, and it is very important if you want to stay healthy and comfortable that you keep your dentist as part of your regular health care check-ups. 

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