Why Do Your Dentures Feel Slimy?

Your dentures are never going to feel exactly like natural teeth. You, and your mouth, have to get used to wearing and using these teeth.

This can give you some new oral taste and textural experiences that you didn't have before. For example, some people find that their dentures sometimes feel slimy in their mouths.

Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

You're Wearing New Dentures

You won't adapt to wearing a new set of dentures overnight. This process takes time. Your teeth will feel and act differently to natural teeth until you get used to them.

Some people do feel that their dentures give them a slimy feeling when they first start wearing them. This is often simply down to having a foreign object in the mouth that feels different from natural teeth.

The denture plate also gives your tongue a new sensation when it touches it. This plate is smooth rather than ridged like the roof of your mouth. This can make dentures feel slimy, especially if you're producing excess saliva while you get used to having them in your mouth.

Typically, this slimy feeling will go away once you get used to wearing your dentures. It may help to suck sugar-free mints or sweets until this happens.

Your Dentures Need a Deeper Clean

If you don't clean your dentures according to your dentist's instructions, then they may become home to layers of plaque. This filmy substance sits on artificial teeth as well as natural ones.

If you have some plaque on your dentures, then their surfaces may feel slick and slimy. If this problem is down to plaque, then it should disappear after you clean your teeth thoroughly. If it persists, soaking your dentures overnight in an appropriate cleaner should help.

You Have Liquid Trapped Under Your Plates

Your mouth might feel slimy if you get liquids stuck under your denture plates. This can happen after you have a drink or after you eat a meal that contains a liquid like stock, gravy or sauce.

You can fix this problem pretty fast by simply taking your teeth out and rinsing them under the tap. However, if this problem persists or gets worse, then you may have a deeper-seated problem with your denture fit.

In this case, your dentist could add a relining layer to the teeth to make them fit more snugly again. Or, they may recommend a new set if the fit has changed too much for this.

For more advice on dealing with that slimy feeling, make an appointment to see your dentist.

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