Three Guidelines to Follow When Whitening your Teeth

One of the biggest dental concerns for young adults and adults is the appearance of their smile. In fact, more than half of the dental visits which happen annually are to fix issues with the appearance of the teeth, such as getting braces, getting invisalign and bleaching teeth, among other things. Most people view stained teeth as something to be ashamed of and will go to any length to clean up any stains. If you are thinking about teeth whitening, here are the three crucial guidelines that will help you achieve excellent results.

Deciding Between Dental and at Home Whitening

There are two ways that you can go about whitening. There are countless at-home tooth whitening solutions such as peroxide, activated charcoal, and a variety of herbs, berries and fruits. These are effective when you are dealing with mild stains such as wine and coffee. However, if you have tobacco and other heavy stains that lead to teeth changing their colour, visiting a dentist will be the ideal solution as they will know which whitening process will give you the best results.

Choosing the Best Procedure

There are various procedures available for teeth whitening. These include the use of whitening gels and strips, laser teeth whitening and scrubbing the teeth with different materials. The severity of the stain determines the whitening method to be used. If the stains are extreme, the dentist could even recommend veneers and other additional measures to clean the teeth.

Understanding the Process

Before you go in for an in-office tooth whitening, you need to understand what the process entails. First, the bleaching solution in the dentist's office is stronger and more effective than the strips you use at home. The visit will take anywhere between thirty minutes and three hours, depending on the severity of the stains. Another thing to understand about in-office whitening is that the procedure is more effective and eliminates teeth weakening, which results from endless repetitions of the home procedures with the strips.

Whitening your teeth is one simple procedure with the potential to bring back your confidence and restore the beauty of your smile. The crucial thing is getting a competent dentist to handle the whitening for you. Additionally, you need to get a realistic inspection, which determines the most effective solution depending on the extent of your staining. 

To learn more about teeth whitening, contact a dentist near you.

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