4 Benefits of Implant Dentures

Traditionally, dentures have been removable dental devices that users needed to take out at night. Today, implant dentures give you the option of having a new, permanent set of teeth. Here are four important advantages that implant dentures offer compared to traditional dentures. 

1. Security

Dentures that do not fit securely into the mouth can cause many problems. Having your teeth slip out of place when you eat can be very frustrating, turning eating into a chore rather than a joy. Slipping dentures can also cause embarrassment in social situations.

Implant dentures offer a convenient solution to this problem. Each arc of teeth is supported by a post that is implanted securely in the gums. Whether you are indulging in some chewy or crunchy food, laughing with your friends, or giving a presentation at work, you can be sure that your dentures will stay in place.

2. Tooth Alignment

Some people use partial dentures to remove some of the teeth in their mouth, while still having some of their own original teeth. If you are in this situation, implant dentures could help to preserve the healthy alignment of your natural teeth. Removable dentures do not exert consistent pressure on your teeth, which can lead to them gradually shifting positions in the gums.

3. Jawbone Health

In addition to preserving healthy tooth alignment, implant dentures also help to keep your jawbone healthy as you age. When you chew using your implant dentures, forces transmit through the metal support posts down through your gums and into your jaw, where they stimulate the growth of new bone. This process helps to prevent jawbone atrophy and preserve the shape of your face.

4. Easy Cleaning

Caring for implant dentures is a lot like looking after a natural set of pearly whites. Unlike traditional dentures, which you have to take out at night and place in a soaking solution to clean them, implant dentures only need you to brush them with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. As most people are already in the habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and again in the evening, this routine comes naturally to them.

If you are interested in switching from removable to implant dentures, schedule an appointment with an implant dentist today. They can let you know whether implant dentures are a good option for you and tell you what to expect from the fitting process.

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