5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Dentures

Dentures are designed to be as durable as possible, but there eventually comes a time when they need to be replaced. Here are five signs that you should consider replacing your old dentures with a new set.

1. Chewing Is Difficult

When the back parts of your dentures wear down, chewing can become difficult. You might notice that foods you used to be able to eat with no problems are no longer accessible to you. A new set of dentures can make eating much easier, helping you to enjoy food once again.

2. Your Dentures Have Worn Front Teeth

Wear and tear on false front teeth can cause them to look flat, which results in them appearing less natural. If the appearance of your front dentures embarasses you, ask your dentist for advice. It might be possible to reshape the teeth, or you might need a new set of dentures to help you look your best again.

3. Your Dentures Repeatedly Break

When dentures break, it is usually possible for a dentist to repair them. However, the site of the breakage will always be weaker than it was originally. If your dentures keep breaking, your best option is probably to replace them with a new set.

4. Your Dentures No Longer Fit Well

As you age, it is normal for the shape of your mouth and jaw to change, which can result in a pair of dentures that used to fit perfectly no longer fitting well. Dentures that are a poor fit can cause irritation or even sores in the mouth, so it is important to get them adjusted or replaced. Dentists can alter the fit of dentures to a certain extent to accommodate changes in mouth shape, but if they are very old or the fit is very poor, it might be better to replace them.

5. Your Dentures Are Badly Stained

Just like natural teeth, dentures can develop stains when they are repeatedly exposed to stain-causing substances, such as food, beverages such as coffee, or cigarette smoke. Dentists can remove most stains from dentures, but sometimes false teeth can become so badly stained that it is no longer possible to whiten them. The older your dentures are, the more likely it is that tiny scratches in their surfaces will hold onto stains, making whitening impossible. A new set of dentures can restore your white smile, helping to bring back your confidence.

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