4 Steps to Take When Your Dentures Break

When your dentures break, you might feel lost and not know what to do. The following steps can help you get your dentures fixed and to cope while you wait for the repair.

1. Assess the Break

As soon as you feel your dentures break, remove them from your mouth, making sure you collect up all the pieces. Now take a look to identify the problem. Some denture breaks are minor, with just a small piece of the pink acrylic base breaking off. This type of break is minor, so you might still be able to use your dentures in the meantime. However, even minor breaks require professional repair to ensure your dentures sit comfortably in your mouth. More serious breakages can involve the dentures breaking in half, which requires urgent action.

2. Contact a Denture Repair Clinic

Get in touch with your dentist or contact a denture repair clinic to schedule a repair. If you struggle to speak clearly without your dentures, you might find it easier to have a relative or friend make this call for you. Give information about the type of break you have experienced so you can get an urgent repair appointment if necessary.

3. Use a Denture Repair Kit

If you have to wait a few days for denture repair, you can use a denture repair kit to carry out an emergency repair. These kits are only suitable for short-term repairs, as the glues they contain are not strong enough to stand up to the stresses of chewing over the long term. However, they can be extremely useful in an emergency.

Purchase your denture repair kit from a pharmacy or grocery store. Follow the instructions carefully. Pay particular attention to the amount of time that the glue needs to set. You must give the glue long enough to form a bond with the dentures to keep them secure in your mouth.

4. Don't Use Household Glues

Never use household glue to repair dentures. Some glues are toxic or cause irritation to the gums and other tissues inside the mouth. Depending on the type of glue, your saliva could cause the glue to dissolve, leading to the repair suddenly failing. Only use glues that are designed for use in the mouth, such as the glue found in an emergency denture repair kit, and be sure to contact your dentist or a denture repair clinic for a long-term repair.

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