Dental Implants Improve More Than Just Your Appearance

When you suffer from a tooth loss, there are quite a number of solutions available to you nowadays, such as dental implants and dentures. Gone are the days where you had to stay toothless at the expense of your confidence. Dentures last a long time, but dental implants offer more benefits health-wise and still manage to look good in the process. Here are some ways dental implants can improve your oral health overall.

Dental Implants Are Functional 

Dental implants are meant to be a permanent replacement for your natural teeth. Your gum will heal over a dental implant like a natural tooth, making it as functional as a real tooth in stature. With this functionality comes comfort as the implants don't shake or move around. It all feels natural when speaking, eating, and even smiling, eliminating the concerns of other treatment options.

Implants Maintain Bone Density

When you lose a tooth or two, you also lose some jawbone gradually through absorption by the body. Dental implants are surgically inserted to integrate with the jawbone. This reduces the risk of breakage as the bone density is preserved because the implant draws its stability and strength from the foundation.

Implants Improve Your Dental Health

When a natural tooth is extracted, it leaves a gap. This gap is an entry point that bacteria can use to get underneath your gum tissue and cause a myriad of possible gum tissue diseases. A completely healed dental implant is more like your real teeth making it difficult for bacteria to attach itself, preventing these diseases. Here's how:

Prevents Periodontal Diseases

Gaps and missing teeth leave behind breeding grounds for bacteria that bring about a slew of dental disorders. The placement of dental implants fills this space, eliminating the occurrence of gum disease.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth

Your teeth's appearance and order rely on the placement of each tooth. When you lose a tooth, the other teeth have a tendency to lean into the gap, causing a misalignment through a gradual shift into the space. An implant comes in to fill this space and also attaches to your jawbone to ensure that you maintain that beautiful smile.

Prevents Cavities

The same way gaps increase the likelihood of gum disease, they also cause tooth decay, as it's often difficult to keep the gap plaque- and bacteria-free. An implant will prevent the existence of plaque and bacteria because it gives you the opportunity to brush and floss as you would with a natural tooth.

Bonus: Dental Implants Look Good and Restore Your Self-Confidence

There is a direct relationship between good oral hygiene and self-confidence. Dental implants improve your oral health and restore your confidence, eliminating the embarrassment of a missing tooth. They are overall a better solution compared to other methods.

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