Are Cantilever Bridges a Good Option for Front Teeth?

No matter where you lose a tooth in your mouth, the best form of replacement is a dental implant. However, dental implants are expensive, and it could take months before you'll be able to use one effectively due to the amount of time it takes for your bone to heal. A cheaper and much faster option would be to opt for a cantilever bridge instead.

Cantilever Bridges Restore Your Smile Quickly

If you need to replace a lost tooth quickly for aesthetic reasons, then a cantilever bridge is ideal for you. This is because your dentist can prepare and place a cantilever bridge in just a couple of weeks. During the first visit, your dentist will prepare the abutment tooth for the crown, removing some of the tooth structure to make more room.

Then, one week later, after creating the cantilever bridge especially for your case, your dentist will place the cantilever bridge. This means that if you have an upcoming social function to attend and are missing a front tooth, a cantilever bridge is a fast and effective option.

Cantilever Bridges Work Best on Front Teeth

Because cantilever bridges only require one abutment tooth, they don't work as well on your back teeth. This is because you use your molars and premolars for the majority of your chewing. However, most people only cut their food with their front teeth. This means that a cantilever bridge should last a long time in the front of the mouth.

Cantilever Bridges Only Require One Abutment Tooth

One of the best things about cantilever bridges is that they only require one abutment tooth. This is great if you are missing a tooth but don't wish to employ two of your front teeth to hold your bridge in place. For instance, if you have a beautiful central incisor on one side that you would rather remain untouched, you can opt to leave it intact and use the lateral incisor on the other side instead.

The result will be that you can replace a missing tooth in your smile without turning a perfectly good tooth into an abutment tooth. With that said, abutment tooth with the crown on it can still last a lifetime as long as you take good care of them.

Are you in a hurry to replace a missing front tooth on a budget? Then a cantilever bridge is probably the right option for you.

To learn more about your bridge options, contact a dentist.

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